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C5050-408 デモとても受験生に合っています - サービスを提供できる拡張可能なサービスプロバイダー インフラストラクチャのC5050-408 デモ構築に、コミュニケーションを比較する方法についてC5050-408 デモ - みんなでアカデミー賞を予想してみようC5050-408 デモ & 弊社のC5050-408 デモ問題集を使って一発合格することを保証いたし - グローバルに認識される業界トップのC5050-408 デモ認定資格と試験問題集を提供します - 短期間で最新のC5050-408 デモ試験、試験のC5050-408 デモ質問と回答、認定試験を一回合格するためには必ず良い準備しなければなりませんC5050-408 デモ、プライバシー お知らせC5050-408 デモ - 集は豊富な経験のC5050-408 デモIT 全日本で一番信頼すべきの国際IT試験問題集サプライヤー & C5050-408 デモギリシャ問題です - 何で一部分の人がC5050-408 デモ試験を受けないのですか

NO.1 What is the purpose of the Application Center?
The Application Center is:
A. intended for production-ready applications only. Development team members should look for
other meansof collaboration.
B. IBM's version of a public Application Store that targets usage outside of a company, similar to the
AndroidMarket or Apple's public Application Store.
C. used to share only Worklight applications among different team members within a company.
D. a means of sharing information among different team members within a company, where some
mobileapplications can be targeted to specific groups of users.
Answer: C

C5050-408 口コミ   
IBM Worklight Application Center is an enterprise application store. It allows you to install, configure,
and administer a repository of mobile applications for use by individuals and groups within your
enterprise or organization. It is built on top of the IBM MobileFirst Platform and the IBM Worklight
mobile application platform that enables you to develop, deploy, and manage mobile applications.
References: http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/redp5005.html?Open

NO.2 An application developer needs to invoke Android native code from Javascript using Apache
Cordova API.
Which method signature should the application developer use?
A. cordova.exec(Plug-inName, ActionName, SuccessCallback, FailureCallback, Parameters);
B. cordova.exec(Plug-inName, ActionName, FailureCallback, SuccessCallback, Parameters);
C. cordova.exec(FailureCallback, SuccessCallback, Plug-inName, ActionName, Parameters);
D. cordova.exec(SuccessCallback, FailureCallback, Plug-inName, ActionName, Parameters);
Answer: D
Here is an example:
cordova.exec(function(winParam) {}, function(error) {}, "service",
"action", ["firstArgument", "secondArgument", 42, false]);
The parameters explained in more detail:
- function(winParam) {} - Success function callback. Assuming your exec call completes successfully
, thisfunction will be invoked (optionally with any parameters you pass back to it)
- function(error) {} - Error function callback. If the operation does not complete successfully, thi
s function willbe invoked (optionally with an error parameter) - "service" - The service name to cal
l into on the native side. This will be mapped to a native class. More onthis in the native guides below
- "action" - The action name to call into. This is picked up by the native class receiving the exec call
, and,depending on the platform, essentially maps to a class's method. - [/* arguments */]
- Arguments to get passed into the native environment
References: http://docs.phonegap.com/en/2.3.0/guide_plugin-development_index.md.html

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